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[DISCUSSION] Vote/Post here to Get Press This! Bookmarklet Back

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 02:55

WordPress 4.9 just launched and as we're just finding out - the previously core function Press This! - has been moved out to a plugin. Generally a good move - except that they removed its primary use case - the Bookmarklet that allowed you to view a site then press a single Bookmark to make a post on your site about it! It's now about seven times more complicated to use. Since you'll have to copy the URL, open a new tab, go to Press This, paste URL, Scan and in some cases cut and paste text/graphics between tabs.

Please go to the plugin's Github page here and upvote one of the existing comments to bring this back or add your own comment.


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[HELP] Looking for a way to sync wordpress with amazon and other site in "real time"

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 23:01


Can I with wordpress sync with other site but in "real time" ?

Let say, im a user, I search for a product on the wordpress site, this product it isnt on the database but on amazon, the wordpress site instantanly populate the page with the informations from amazon and then, I can make a action, like commenting, put a like etc...


submitted by /u/khalnad
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Categories: WordPress Maintenance

[HELP] Looking for a plugin/method to apply conditional logic to questions presented to users

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 22:42

I've seen some plugins like Chained Quiz or SurveyFunnel but I'm not sure they are what I'm after.

I'm looking to create a website that poses philosophical/logical problems where the user can answer what they believe, and further questions are presented based on their answers. Basically to walk them through a logical problem to it's conclusion. But I also want to have the functionality to call back to previously answered questions. I.e. "you have answered X here, but previously you stated that X is not a logical conclusion, what is your reasoning?" (mostly multiple choice)

And I know that this kind of question chaining can very quickly turn into an unholy mess so a system that manages it neatly would be a bonus. Would appreciate more experienced peoples help. Thanks!

submitted by /u/Im-postle-able
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[HELP] Looking for help with CodeLights shortcode, need to find command for bold text on overlays.

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 16:25

I've been trying to edit the text for a site that has a CodeLights interactive banner on the front page and I can't find any options here to stylize the text beyond the title_tag option and font size. Is there a way to add something like Bold text to the line of code bypassing the UI in WP? See below for an example:

[cl-ib image="4343" title="XXX" link="url:XXX" animation="aphelia" easing="easeOutBack" bgcolor="#ffffff" textcolor="#dd3333" ratio="1x1" width="60%" padding="15%" title_size="26px" title_mobile_size="22px" title_tag="h1"]

submitted by /u/Gunmoku
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[HELP] Looking for an advanced search plugin.

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 07:00

Hey guys!

I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to have 3 separate dropdowns (Brand, Product, Model #) that once you pick one, the next dropdown changes to only show "Products" linked with that Brand (I'm using posts not to be confused with Woocommerce), and once you pick the product you only see "Model #'s" that correspond with the previous choices.

I apologize in advance if there's any confusion! Thanks :)

submitted by /u/ChelseaTheSupreme
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Categories: WordPress Maintenance

[Help] Qode "Anchor text menú" item

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 11:45

Hi all, I'm trying to implement this anchored text menú http://www.falldennismarketing.it/with-section-menu in another page, but i can't find the item that implement this function on Qode, i dont see it, noto eventi in the backend visual editor. Can you help me? Thanks in advance

submitted by /u/zGhosty
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[HELP] Advanced post slider

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 08:03

Hi I am trying to edit the content on a advanced post slider. One of our previous devs installed this slider on a site, and for the love of me I can not work out where I need to go to add new images to the slider. Its scrolling logos and we need to update the content for the client but I cant work it out please help thanks.

submitted by /u/apocalipticzest
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Categories: WordPress Maintenance

[HELP] Pluging for the public to make game walk-through guides

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 00:24

I was curious if there was some sort of plugin that can allow all my users on the site to submit a Walk-through Guide for games and it would list them in categories. Something like http://www.diablofans.com/builds. Something a bit more basic though. I have tried fiddling around with ninja forms, and a couple of directory plugins. Any suggestions?

submitted by /u/pheek1g
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[HELP] Looking for a plugin to mimic this lawyer search, or close to it.

Mon, 11/13/2017 - 21:56


This is a screenshot of a search I am trying to create.


Generally, it would have options to sort or filter through alphabetized letters or typing in the name in the search. Basically, different categories that it could search from.

I have looked up a few AJAX search plugins, but I'm not even sure that is the right thing to be looking for.

submitted by /u/jnthn205
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[REQUEST] What is a normal download / active conversion rate for a plugin on WordPress?

Mon, 11/13/2017 - 14:45

I want to work out whether we should be seeing more of our downloads converting into active users, but it's hard to know how well we're doing without a benchmark figure for what's roughly normal...

submitted by /u/UpstairsPellucidness
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Categories: WordPress Maintenance

[HELP] Looking for something to move the plugins freely on my post/page.

Mon, 11/13/2017 - 00:37

I got some problems on the design of my site and need to move some plugins on my post template, does someone know how to do it?

submitted by /u/reis_kings_victor
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Categories: WordPress Maintenance

[REQUEST] : Cross/Up sell products from different sites in Multisite network with global shopping cart.

Sun, 11/12/2017 - 23:05

I've setup a Multisite network and am using the Woocommerce Global Shopping cart plugin to allow products from individual sites to be sold on other sites on the same network.

Example: Site A and site B have their individual products, but I can check out of site A with site B products.

I really want to be able to cross/up sell products from site A on site B and vice versa.

I've done a ton of research but haven't really come close to finding a solution.

Any ideas?

submitted by /u/estabueno
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Categories: WordPress Maintenance

[FREE]Looking for something to move plugins on a post/page.

Sun, 11/12/2017 - 22:42

I need something to change the position of the plugins on a page/post,I really need it for a project of mine.

submitted by /u/reis_kings_victor
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Categories: WordPress Maintenance