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[HELP] Translate English to French Canadian

Talk about plugins - Fri, 03/22/2019 - 15:43

I have an English Canadian Wordpress standalone site and I need to have it shown/translated to French Canadian. Ideally using a plug-in.

The site uses a template from MW Templates. The template is not multilingual.

Next choice is a plug-in. MW Templates recommended Weglot. Weglot looked to be perfect - it allowed manual translations, professional translations and image switching based on language selection. However Weglot only translates to French, not French Canadian. Added to this is the language switcher needs to be able to accurately translate medical terminology and/or I need to be able to manually adjust selected translations.

Anybody know a language switcher plug-in that supports French Canadian?

My next option would be multisite, one website per language, however I'd rather not go that route. If I do have to go that way, anybody got any advice? Links?

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Web Project Manager - OpenRoad Auto Group - Richmond, BC

2018 Drupal Jobs from Indeed - Fri, 03/22/2019 - 12:42
Experience working with Drupal, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress open source web platforms. Intermediate to strong knowledge of front and back end development,...
From OpenRoad Auto Group - Fri, 22 Mar 2019 12:42:37 GMT - View all Richmond, BC jobs
Categories: Drupal

WordPress expert for On page SEO and optimisation - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Fri, 03/22/2019 - 11:45
I need a wordpress expert - please do not apply if you don’t know WordPress like the back of your hand! I need someone to do on page seo ( keywords and have good page descriptions) and a large amount of optimisation- I have plugins for image optimisation ( so no more image optimisation!!) i need a real expert to do some back end work/ clear up without affecting quality of content - make things load faster. Immediate start- short deadline

Posted On: March 22, 2019 13:41 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Skills: HTML, On-Page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Keyword Research, Website Development, WordPress
Country: United Kingdom
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Social media management and content development for Management Consulting business - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Fri, 03/22/2019 - 10:34
Looking for somebody to manage our social media marketing activities:
- Linkedin website activity
- Copyrighting
- Instagram posts
- Wordpress blog

Posted On: March 22, 2019 13:41 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > SMM - Social Media Marketing
Skills: Article Writing, Content Writing, Copywriting, Instagram Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO Keyword Research, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Twitter Marketing
Country: United Arab Emirates
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Wordpress Pro Need for Avada Theme Site - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Fri, 03/22/2019 - 00:14
Need Wordpress developer
Using Avada Theme
7-8 page portfolio site
Layouts/content are already completed

Posted On: March 22, 2019 04:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, PHP, Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Country: United States
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Web Developer Position - SIX12 Creative - New Westminster, BC

2018 Drupal Jobs from Indeed - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 22:36
Understanding of Drupal 7/8 module development including custom themes. You'll also maintain focus on features and benefits analysis with the Project Manager...
From Indeed - Thu, 21 Mar 2019 22:36:15 GMT - View all New Westminster, BC jobs
Categories: Drupal

SEO Expert for analyzing website - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 21:15
I'm looking for an SEO expert that can advise me on our Wordpress website how we can rank better in Google organic search results.
I want to find someone that can provide a detailed action plan of how they will help us gain a lot more organic visibility and make the most of our current content.

Some facts about the website:
- It's in English, small company
- Main target: USA and second step is on the rest of the world
- Industry: travel in a niche sector. It's a web shop
- Competition: About 4 or 5 competitors, but one main competitor. All of them have a more simple website but are scoring better in Google than our website while our website is more advanced and we are longer in business!
- Googly My business page isn't setup yet.

We have already installed Yoast plugin on the website but it needs further attention.
In December I've done a Semrush analyses and also performed a scan with SEO Toolbox, score then was 69%. Recently did a MOZ local scan, score was about 45%.

-A portfolio that shows steady search rank increases for other businesses
-A deep understanding of how the search engines rank websites
-BIG PLUS - Google Certified Analytics expert or experience in Conversion Optimization

So to make sure you have read this please answer the following question - what is the most competitive keyword you have managed to get a top 10 ranking for?

Posted On: March 22, 2019 04:11 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Skills: Off-page Optimization, On-Page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Audit, SEO Keyword Research
Country: Belgium
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Need a design for IT backup services marketing material and advertising landing web page - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 20:33
We're looking to market our backup and disaster recovery service to all of Canada. We want to use social media advertising that brings people to our website that will explain in detail what we're selling and how to book a meeting with us.

We have some ideas for content in a word document that we'd need someone to make it look nice on a web page and possibly also a printed handout.

We're looking for someone who could design and think through with us as to what would be the most effective message for our service.

Posted On: March 22, 2019 04:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Skills: Facebook Marketing, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, WordPress
Country: Canada
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Create Content Pages for Developed Wordpress Geotechnical Website. - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 18:23
Roughly 40 - 50 pages of completed content, headlines and images needs to be added to a new Wordpress website.  

Must have good experience with Elementor page building to set up pages for PC, Tablet and Mobile.

SEO knowledge is not required it will be completed in-house once the content pages are completed.

To begin ASAP, please submit a sample of your work please.

Posted On: March 22, 2019 04:11 UTC
Category: Design & Creative > Other - Design & Creative
Skills: Photo Editing, WordPress
Country: Canada
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New website for Infinite Analytics - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 16:59
I am looking for someone with extensive Wordpress experience to help with the development of a new website for Infinite Analytics.  The current website is www.infiniteanalytics.com . I am working with a designer to create the content for the new website and I am looking for someone to take the design and integrate it into a Wordpress website.  This scrolling Wordpress website would not have any subpages.  All content would be on the scrolling Wordpress front page.  I would need to have an instant chat functionality built in and contact forms added so that we can send to prospective clients use cases and other documentation.

Posted On: March 21, 2019 18:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Country: United States
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Wim Leers: JSON:API shipping with Drupal 8.7!

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 13:20

The JSON:API module was added to Drupal 8.7 as a stable module!

See Dries’ overview of why this is an important milestone for Drupal, a look behind the scenes and a look toward the future. Read that first!


As Mateu said, this is the first time a new module is added to Drupal core as “stable” (non-experimental) from day one. This was the plan since July 2018 — I’m glad we delivered on that promise.

This means users of the JSON:API 8.x-2.x contrib module currently on Drupal 8.5 or 8.6 can update to Drupal 8.7 on its release day and simply delete their current contributed module, and have no disruption in their current use of JSON:API, nor in security coverage! 1

What’s happened lately?

The last JSON:API update was exactly two months ago, because … ever since then Gabe, Mateu and I are have been working very hard to get JSON:API through the core review process. This resulted in a few notable improvements:

  1. a read-only mode that is turned on by default for new installs — this strikes a nice balance between DX (still having data available via APIs by default/zero config: reading is probably the 80% use case, at least today) and minimizing risk (not allowing writes by default) 2
  2. auto-revisioning when PATCHing for eligible entity types
  3. formally documented & tested revisions and translations support 3
  4. formally documented security considerations

Get these improvements today by updating to version 2.4 of the JSON:API module — it’s identical to what was added to Drupal 8.7!


An incredible total of 103 people contributed in JSON:API’s issue queue to help make this happen, and 50 of those even have commits to their name:

Wim Leers, ndobromirov, e0ipso, nuez, gabesullice, xjm, effulgentsia, seanB, jhodgdon, webchick, Dries, andrewmacpherson, jibran, larowlan, Gábor Hojtsy, benjifisher, phenaproxima, ckrina, dww, amateescu, voleger, plach, justageek, catch, samuel.mortenson, berdir, zhangyb, killes@www.drop.org, malik.kotob, pfrilling, Grimreaper, andriansyahnc, blainelang, btully, ebeyrent, garphy, Niklan, joelstein, joshua.boltz, govind.maloo, tstoeckler, hchonov, dawehner, kristiaanvandeneynde, dagmar, yobottehg, olexyy.mails@gmail.com, keesee, caseylau, peterdijk, mortona2k, jludwig, pixelwhip, abhisekmazumdar, izus, Mile23, mglaman, steven.wichers, omkar06, haihoi2, axle_foley00, hampercm, clemens.tolboom, gargsuchi, justafish, sonnykt, alexpott, jlscott, DavidSpiessens, BR0kEN, danielnv18, drpal, martin107, balsama, nileshlohar, gerzenstl, mgalalm, tedbow, das-peter, pwolanin, skyredwang, Dave Reid, mstef, bwinett, grndlvl, Spleshka, salmonek, tom_ek, huyby, mistermoper, jazzdrive3, harrrrrrr, Ivan Berezhnov, idebr, mwebaze, dpolant, dravenk, alan_blake, jonathan1055, GeduR, kostajh, pcambra, meba, dsdeiz, jian he, matthew.perry.

Thanks to all of you!

Future JSON:API blogging

I blogged about once a month since October 2018 about JSON:API, to get more people to switch to version 2.x of the JSON:API module, to ensure it was maximally mature and bug free prior to going into Drupal core. New capabilities were also being added at a pretty high pace because we’d been preparing the code base for that months prior. We went from ~1700 installs in January to ~2700 today!

Now that it is in Drupal core, there will be less need for frequent updates, and I think the API-First Drupal: what’s new in 8.next? blog posts that I have been doing probably make more sense. I will do one of those when Drupal 8.7.0 is released in May, because not only will it ship with JSON:API land, there are also other improvements!

Special thanks to Mateu Aguiló Bosch (e0ipso) for their feedback!

  1. We’ll of course continue to provide security releases for the contributed module. Once Drupal 8.7 is released, the Drupal Security Team stops supporting Drupal 8.5. At that time, the JSON:API contributed module will only need to provide security support for Drupal 8.6. Once Drupal 8.8 is released at the end of 2019, the JSON:API contributed module will no longer be supported: since JSON:API will then be part of both Drupal 8.7 and 8.8, there is no reason for the contributed module to continue to be supported. ↩︎

  2. Existing sites will continue to have writes enabled by default, but can choose to enable the read-only mode too. ↩︎

  3. Limitations in the underlying Drupal core APIs prevent JSON:API from 100% of desired capabilities, but with JSON:API now being in core, it’ll be much easier to make the necessary changes happen! ↩︎

Categories: Drupal

Specbee: Drupal 8 & B2All: A New Brand of Strategies for B2B & B2C Marketers

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 10:53

With robust and flexible infrastructure, innovative design and some great out of the box features, Drupal CMS is one of the top web solutions considered by businesses around the world to stay abreast with the surge in demand for personalization, interactivity and scalable tools. However, it turns out that a lot of marketers are quite unfamiliar with Drupal's potential.

Categories: Drupal

Developer needed to create "Export Web Page to Keynote/Powerpoint" functionality - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 09:35
Greetings from https://campfire.pictures

We are looking for a developer who is up for a challenge and can think outside of the box.

On our website users have custom boards where they keep inspiration and save images to fuel their next creative project. We would like to add a button in these boards which will take all board content and open it directly in a powerpoint or keynote file.

If this sounds like something you could accomplish please reach out.

Posted On: March 21, 2019 18:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: CSS3, Graphic Design, HTML, Illustration, JavaScript, Microsoft PowerPoint, PHP, Presentation Design, Presentations, Print Design, Print Layout Design, Website Development, WordPress
Country: United States
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Website Revamp using Wordpress (Divi) - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 08:40
Looking for a Wordpress and Divi expert for a website revamp project (current website is not on Wordpress). The website is to showcase an App. Approximately 10 web pages required. Content will be provided.

Will prefer to work with someone who has an App website in their portfolio.

Posted On: March 21, 2019 18:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, HTML, HTML5, PHP, Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Country: Singapore
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Content writing - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 08:39
need writer for my website content about personal development. i wrote the raw text already but i want a creative writer to formulate it in great English and create inspiring sentences.

There are about 10 - 15 Pages to write, its an WordPress Site and the content is created using Elementor Editor. Not a big deal.

But i can also send you the text on a normal Email or file.

Posted On: March 21, 2019 18:11 UTC
Category: Writing > Editing & Proofreading
Skills: Blog Writing, Content Writing, Creative Writing, English Grammar
Country: Switzerland
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Wordpress developer to create a custom plugin to consume and display an API's content - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 05:15
We require a wordpress developer to create a wordpress plugin to consume an API and display the returned JSON content.

The API used is a private API created by our company.

There will be three methods of render for the returned content, which will be discussed with the prospective hires.

Please show examples of previos plugins created.

Posted On: March 21, 2019 07:57 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: JavaScript, PHP, WordPress
Country: Australia
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Static Pelican Web Site Needed - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 04:14
Looking for Pelican or Wordpress experts to create simple, clean, elegant,static web site. Do drama, no frills - clean, neat.

Applicants will suggest collaboration tools to create mockups, layout, content etc. If you dont have collaboration tools, dont use mockups and designing standards, this is not for you. Grandma can order in a Wix in this day and age.

Due: Tentatively by 1st week April. Encouraging new comers. New comers and those without any reviews will be given priority. Upwork search shows rated Upworkers and we believe in equal opportunity and social justice. Humanize your proposal, tell us something about yourself. We want to build relations and touch lives.

Examples for look and feel we like textrazor.com , VetLex.org

Posted On: March 21, 2019 07:57 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: Banner Ad Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Web Design, Website Development
Country: United States
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Need a WordPress wizard to finish off a website rebuild. - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 03/21/2019 - 00:02
We're looking for a WordPress developer to finish off the rebuild of a website. The old site is live and has lots of content to copy across, and we also have lots of images to use. The new site has had all of the groundwork/themeing complete and major pages have been built.

The new site is using the Enfold theme so the right person for the job should be experienced with Enfold. It is also using the Events Calendar and Events Tickets along with WooCommerce. This is mostly set up but you will need to create events etc so knowledge of these plugins is a must.

This should only be a couple of day's work to finish off the site, but there will more than likely be further work once launched and the opportunity for full site builds in the future for the right developer.

Creativity and an eye for design is a must - the project is not wireframed so you will be working with your imagination.

We'll start you off with a small and easy task and then move on to building out pages before getting stuck into events.

We're looking for someone who is enthusiastic, honest, creative and experienced with excellent English language skills and an eye for design. If you think that's you, get in touch!

Posted On: March 21, 2019 07:57 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: Web Design, Website Development, Woocommerce, WordPress
Country: Canada
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Web/Multimedia Department Manager - Infotel Multimedia (Infonews.ca) - Vernon, BC

NodeJS jobs - Wed, 03/20/2019 - 23:27
Proficiency with Shell Scripts, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript including the NodeJS ecosystem. We are a fast paced growing company based in Vernon, British...
From Indeed - Wed, 20 Mar 2019 23:27:17 GMT - View all Vernon, BC jobs
Categories: NodeJS

WordPress migration of an existing website - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Wed, 03/20/2019 - 21:59
We are looking for a professional to build a new WordPress website. Are you up for the challenge?


- I have a website that I love and would love something similar;

- A key aspect is to be professionally optimized, because the main reason I want to change it is the performance issues we have now;

- Once ready, I'd like to migrate this new website to replace the existing one;

- All the content should be included in the migration: the blog articles that I already have in the existing website, without losing existing links (to avoid 404s);

- Keep SEO guidance in check;

- The new website should have 2 instances, French and English.


- Previous experience in building stunning WordPress websites;

- Strong written and verbal communication in English;

- Strong organizational skills, structured thinking and development methodology;

- Detail-oriented personality;

- Keep to deadlines, communicating clearly and consistently.

Additional info:

- I know that creating this homepage on WordPress will take no longer than 4 hours. So budget shouldn't be high but I want someone professional enough to have a performant, good looking replacement for my web-page."

Posted On: March 21, 2019 07:57 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: Website Development, WordPress
Country: Mexico
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