How to Create an Affiliate Site That Makes Money

To get started you need to answer the following big questions:
  • What do you know about?
  • What is salable connected to what you know about?
  • What do people want to buy inside of what's salable?
Next step: stop. Stop and research. To get going, you need to get some times set up:
  • A domain through something like Dotster.
  • Web Hosting through something like Hostgator.
  • Affiliate sales through something like
  • Affiliate sales through Amazon
  • A website that's easy to use. Everyone is talking about WordPress. Let's go for something solid and powerful: Drupal.
  • Let me walk you through how all of these can be easy to use and put together
  • Find cool creative assets to make your site pop.
  • Find people who can help you.
Got questions?