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Entrepreneurs need a place to show off their newest products. These are 10 well- and not-so-well-known sites dedicated to showcasing new products. This list skews towards tech and applications, as that we know well.*

1. Product Hunt: [ ]

An awesome community, Product Hunt is an excellent place to collect up-to-date news about products and apps. In the year 2013, Ryan Hoover created this prosperous and supportive community directly related to the tech industry. Definitely opt for Product Hunt and get your latest apps or products featured.

  • Expect genuine feedback on your latest apps or products.
  • You will positively get to know the constructive help related to the issues in your apps.
  • Downside: your app announcement could get buried. If you make it to the front page, you get tons of attention. If you’re on page two, you’re in the middle of nowhere.

2. BetaList: [ ]

This is one of the highest operational platforms for obtaining pre-launch signups. Your startup project or a new app gets distributed to a very large base of reviewers.

  • Excellent for technology-based startups or apps
  • Gives the entire lists of latest and trending startups and allows early beta access to a few
  • They mainly concentrate on private beta startups that are ready to launch

This is an excellent way to get connected to those passionate people who might possibly show some positivity to your to-be-launched product.

3. Hacker News – Y Combinator: [ ]

Hacker News is created and run by Paul Graham and Y Combinator (launched in 2005, it is an American startup accelerator; responsible to launch more than 2000 companies) is a unique social news website concentrating on Entrepreneurship and Computer Science startup incubators!

  • Their tag line is anything and everything that satisfies individuals intelligent inquisitiveness
  • News site with technology connected topics
  • Entrepreneurs who share their experience during creating their apps, products, etc.

4. CrunchBase [ ]

It was originally founded by Michael Arrington, in the year 2007 is a robust collection of data related to the industry information – right from current industry trends, acquisitions, mergers, etc. Today, CrunchBase comes under the TechCrunch portfolio and is in full control of maintaining the CrunchBase database.

  • A unique platform to find concrete data about most of the renowned public and private limited companies.
  • The information like funding, core investors, mergers & acquisitions, founders, top management details, etc.

5. Betabound [ ]

A fully dedicated website for beta testing opportunities on the internet for your products that are in their beginning stage! Once you are confident, you can just announce your beta products and search for the initial adopters.

  • Main focus is on Computer and Electronic Products
  • Betabound also focuses on beta testing of Apps, Software, Websites and Games

6. The Museum Of Modern Betas (MoMB): [ ]

As the name is interesting so is the list as quoted by the founders – Highly awaited apps in the web world, which are not publicly released. Even if it looks a little thin when you go there, it’s worth checking out. MoMB is fully devoted to collecting most of the web-based applications that are offering a beta invitation.

7. PreApps [ ]

  • PreApps has successfully helped various startups, first-time launchers, or novice apps in the past 9+ years.
  • The Main aim is to successfully release the app that is matching its business goal i.e. the final users.
  • Helps in launching your app successfully, systemically get excellent downloads and users with a perfect marketing strategy.

PreApps concentrate mainly on different types of apps on various platforms like Android, Windows, or iOS

8. Startup Tracker: [ ]

Founded by Jeremiah Smith, Startup Tracker does not list any kind of startup or prelaunch apps. But its main feature is you can get an in-depth knowledge of the latest and new startups. Hence we thought of including this website detail, which will be helpful.

  • You can connect to abreast your knowledge of the upcoming and latest competing apps or startups.
  • You can just highlight any business name and get the complete information on the status of that startup.
  • Its unique “Discover” feature will not let your app go out of sight

9. Startup Genome: [ ]

Founded by JF Gauthier, Startup Genome is the global leader voice in ecosystem development. The list includes public-private partnerships and more than 100 governments in more than 35 countries across the globe.

The main motto is to enhance startup ecosystem performance by providing local leaders an absolute clarity, to gain momentum and strategy to direct their actions.

Their entire team is the perfect group of data scientists, policy experts, community builders, and entrepreneurs, throughout the globe.

10. Start-up Lithuania: []

Lithuania provides the best possible conditions to get your business running at a very rapid pace. As it is, Lithuania has an excellent startup environment with very simplified Startup Visa rules. Its strategic location is blended with sturdy logistics support and different international markets

* We have a few new products under development. Shh!– don’t tell anyone!

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