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Freelock : Handle 40x as much traffic -- Switch to Drupal 8

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 23:22
The story

We had a client reach out about an error page they got on their site:

ScalingscalabilityPerformanceDrupal 8Drupal Planet
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Nacho Digital: New HTML validation method from GoDaddy (and how to configure using apache)

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 22:43
Not sure who's to blame, but we have a new HTML validation method from GoDaddy. It is an improvement from the "none HTML validation at all" phase they went through, but took me a while to make it work with apache. The problem was the dot/hidden directory they request to put your validation code in: /.well-known/pki-validation/godaddy.html

In my case there were a couple of reasons why this was difficult:

  • I didn't know about the hidden directory (.) block in Apache.
  • In my case some domains run the whole site over HTTPS, so I needed to make the new rules co-exist with the old HTTPS redirection rules.
  • I have a mixture of hostings. For some sites I control apache, so I could use Virtual Host configurations. But for others (like the ones running on Acquia) I need to create .htaccess rules.

The solution was much simpler than I anticipated, but quite difficult to debug. Finally I made it work for both environments.

I could have used the DNS ownership verification method, but in my case that means I would need to involve the people owning the domain. In my experience that takes longer and it can become really involved when owner doesn't know anything about DNS.

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Senior Software Engineer - Backend - Move Canada - Richmond, BC

NodeJS jobs - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 22:41
Expertise in one of (preferably both) NodeJs or Python. Want to work with and learn from World-Class Talent?...
From T-Net BC - Thu, 09 Feb 2017 22:41:13 GMT - View all Richmond jobs
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[REQUEST] Events plugin?

Talk about plugins - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 22:09

I manage a site for a music nonprofit that has events (performances, fundraisers mainly) they want to include online.

Ticketing is handled through a 3rd party so it would just be informational with a link to the ticket page. Events only happen every few months so an "all upcoming events" type view would work best.

I like the time.ly calendar but it always seemed slow and unwieldy, but I like their "posterboard" view type layout. One thing we definitely want to include is a header image on each event. Does anyone know of something stable that fits the bill?

submitted by /u/mlhdrain
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Integration Developer - Stellar Recruitment Inc - Vancouver, BC

NodeJS jobs - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 21:10
Exposure to ReactJS, AngularJS, Sass, Jade, Selenium, NodeJS considered an asset. Stellar Recruitment is currently working with one of our rapidly growing...
From Stellar Recruitment Inc - Thu, 09 Feb 2017 21:10:34 GMT - View all Vancouver jobs
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Jeff Geerling's Blog: Preserve the ability to Quick Edit nodes when theming node templates!

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 20:49

...aka, avoid the annoying Javascript error below:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'entityElement

Many themers working on Drupal 8 sites have Contextual menus and Quick Edit enabled (they're present in the Standard Drupal install profile, as well as popular profiles like Acquia's Lightning), and at some point during theme development, they notice that there are random and unhelpful fatal javascript errors—but they only appear for logged in administrators.

Eventually, they may realize that disabling the Contextual links module fixes the issue, so they do so and move along. Unfortunately, this means that content admins (who tend to love things like contextual links—at least when they work) and up not being able to hover over content to edit it.

There are two ways you can make things better without entirely disabling these handy modules:

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Drupal.org blog: So long, and thanks for all the issues

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 20:30

I am happy and sad to share the news today that I am leaving the Drupal Association for an exciting new adventure.

I've been volunteering for Drupal.org for a while before I joined the Association as a staff member in April 2012. Before that I never actually thought you can be paid to do something you volunteer your free time for because you enjoy doing it so much.

It was also my first remote job. Back then it was not as common. I clearly remember first talking to Angie, and my initial response was "You are crazy. I am literally on the other side of the world." Which she didn't find to be of any consequence.

It's been a wonderful (almost) 5 years. I've learned a lot, and grew. I've traveled a lot and met lots of fantastic people. I watched the Association grow. Our engineering team grew as well from 2 to 11, which was exciting but also challenging to be a part of. We've done some great things on Drupal.org. Of course, there are so many many more I wish we'd done. :)

The time has come however to move on to the new challenges.

Thanks to all the volunteers who worked with me during all these years. You were so helpful and generous with your time.

Thanks to the staff members for being wonderful human beings, for your support, and laughs, for becoming a family.

I am incredibly sad to leave our staff, and especially the Engineering team. They are a smaller team now, and I know just how hard it will be to maneuver all the requests coming from all the different parts of the community with the limited resources they now have. So please be nice to them.

As for the next steps, I am looking forward to joining the DA alumni club, which includes some of my closest friends. And I will be around. You will probably see me at the next DrupalCon. Come say hi. And no, I will not fix your webmasters' queue issue. 

Photo from Flickr.

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Wordpress Theme development / changes - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 20:06
Hi Brett, how are you?

I am setting up a content site for affiliates.  There are also a number of squeeze pages linked to this page as part of it.  I will drive traffic both to my squeeze pages as well as my content site using FB, IG, Twitter, Adwords, Bing Ads and whatever else is out there.   On my content site I will embed links  etc either leading to my squeeze page or directly to the affiliates.

I have picked a theme that has been created for me already for my content page, however i am not happy with the way it looks.

1. I want my cover image much bigger looking more like my twitter site @alivingcode
2. I want my menus to look completely different (better design, font, u name it...) and have better structure and flow.   The body should remain more narrow to avoid visitors to wander too much off, but stay focused
3. the footer should be redesigned and have a dark grey color and be the same width as my header
4. Links to my FB www.facebook.com/awesomelivingcode, IG @awesomelivingcode and Twitter @alivingcode should be somewhere in the footer, in fact it can look somewhat like the upwork footer in terms of coloring and presentation of the social media buttons

5. On my product sites I want intros to some of my affiliate programs where visitors click on what looks like a video (they would be images with play buttons on them.  When they click they will be taken to the site of the programs that I am promoting, however rather than getting the feeling they are transferred somewhere else, the video etc should be embeded within my site if you know what i mean.  See an example here at www.meetyoursweet.com and click on products....

Here is one such link for a program (this is the link that should be used)

How much time do you think this would take.  

I am confident that you have the capacity to make my site look Awesome


Posted On: February 09, 2017 21:10 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: Inbound Marketing, PSD to Wordpress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Woocommerce, WordPress
Country: Norway
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Rehearsal Studio Reservation System [REQUEST]

Talk about plugins - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 19:31

Hello everyone! My partner and I will be opening a music rehearsal studio in June 2017, and are looking for a booking plugin that allows our customers to...

  • Choose which room they want to reserve. (5 rooms)
  • How long they want to book the room. (Minimum of 2 hours, but cant rent for as long as they want until closing.)
  • Also select if they need to rent equipment, like a guitar, bass, extra microphones, etc.
  • Pay for their rehearsal time and equipment rental with a credit or debit card. (We prefer not use Paypal... we've both been hacked on paypal as customers and want to avoid that experience again.)
  • Preferably Mobile Compatible so if the band is on their smart phone they can still make a reservation and it doesn't look wonky or is difficult to navigate.

We have checked out woocommerce booking, and youcanbookme almost does what we need it to... but ideally we would like a calendar that shows the current day and open reservations for the rooms in an hourly format.

There is a Rehearsal Studio that uses excel or something to create a page that shows what is and isn't available, but that is appears to be a static image they update manually - they use a different booking tool to reserve studio time. (Bookit, I think)

We have received recommendations for plugins for salons and hotels, but those don't quite cover what we need. While the salon booking/reservations can let you choose an employee, trying to replace "employee" with "room 1" is causing issues. We are also finding difficulty in allowing customers choose extended hours for rehersal time, so I may be able to input a 2 hour minimum and it only sets it up as a 2 hour appointment, the customer can't extend the period of time they want to rent the room.

And with the hotel plugins... they just don't work for us. Reserving a room is sort of what we need, but with a hotel you don't get to pick which room just which bed selection you want and the hotel auto fills the rest depending on availability. (Queen vs. 2 full beds, etc.) Also we have been unable to find that hourly option we need.

Conference room booking plugins are few and far between, and are usually set for corporate offices or libraries so there isn't a payment feature.

My partner and I have been looking all over ecommerce, codecanyon, wordpress, and what feels like every available resource google can provide for months and haven't found anything. We've also looked at other rehearsal studio websites to view their source pages to see what they use, and a majority are "call ahead to reserve a room, pay when you arrive."

We're not sure if we're at the point where we need to pay someone to make a custom plugin, or if the plugin we need already exists and we just are missing it. Any recommendations or insights you can offer would be very much appreciated.

submitted by /u/Sympatheticvillain
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Wordpress Developer to Restyle CalCedar.com using Existing Theming - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 19:10
California Cedar Products Company is celebrating its Centennial in 2017. We would like to update our website to match our current style guide and align with the marketing materials we are producing for the Centennial celebration. We would like to use the Enfold theme, but have it modified to be consistent with the aforementioned materials. The style guide is attached to this email. Other materials will be shared once the project is started.

This project will entail the restyling of the header, footer and home page, as well as roughly 20 content pages.

Posted On: February 09, 2017 21:10 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Country: United States
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Mediacurrent: 5 Steps to Identify the Right Project Management Methodology

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 18:12

Project management (PM) is an art. Creativity is essential to success for the team and especially for the leader who must communicate, listen, enable, motivate, and lead the team to meet the needs of the internal and external stakeholders.  A project manager lacking creativity is like a soft, lightly stuffed animal – he or she will just flop around, jumping from one idea to the next without any purpose.

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Cheeky Monkey Media: Building an Online Community From Start to Finish: Insights from the National Hemophilia Foundation

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 17:25
Building an Online Community From Start to Finish: Insights from the National Hemophilia Foundation Spela Thu, 02/09/2017 - 17:25

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to sit down with the National Hemophilia Association (NHF)’s marketing and education team:

  • Jay Patel, Director of Online Marketing and Data Systems
  • Beth Marshall, Director of Communications
  • Kate Nammacher, Director of Education
  • Corinne Koenig, Manager of Education and Training

During our half-an-hour chat about their redesigned online community website Victory for Women, we covered:

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Wordpress website - speed and performance boost - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 17:21
Our page performs poorly using Google metrics, Pingdom, GTmetrix, etc. We'd like assistance getting the page load time under 3 seconds, as well as fixing the issues pointed out in attached screenshot.

We would also ask you to set up a child theme for us.

The following are issues discovered by a SEO company (copy & paste) - we would ask you to fix the ones that need a developer and advise on what we can do ourselves.

36 Issues found in regards to site speed which directly affects Search Engine Rankings Issues-
image optimization on all images
browser caching
header scripts
Load time should be 3 seconds or less CSS and JavaScript code needs to be lighter above the fold

Does not include a sitemap

35% of links are images and lack alt data
29% of links include a ‘no follow’ tag (telling search engines not to crawl those pages)
10% of links are missing proper text content to be read by search engines
84% of links are missing title attributes

Empty Alt Links
6% of images are missing height/width attributes

Font size scales too small
Mobile viewport is not configured

20 Pages have duplicate content
174 Pages lack meta description
No Heading Tags are used

Posted On: February 09, 2017 21:10 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: JavaScript, WordPress
Country: United States
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WordPress expert for fixing featured images on development site - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 16:36
Looking for an experienced Wordpress developer that can help me fix and link the featured images on my development website.

On the development website we uploaded all the featured images from the live website (they were originally linked, but wrong format) - however, at the moment they are NOT linked to the correct post.

We are talking about 1800 posts or so plus pages, so doing them manually is not an option!!.

So, you basically need to make sure all the post will have the correct featured image, right now they are not linked and makes the new design ugly.

On the live website we replaced the original images with new broader ones - however, they were in .tiff format and uploaded and linked on all the content.

This was a big mistake because WP doesn't support .tiff..

So, someone else batched them to .jpeg format, uploaded them, but seems to be stuck linking them to the post.

Can you help me with this? If so, you will make big bonus points and I will contact you again in the future.

Please give me your best quote for this job! And how you intent to fix this.


Posted On: February 09, 2017 21:10 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: WordPress
Country: Netherlands
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OSTraining: Migrating to Drupal 8? Check if Your Drupal 7 Modules are Ready

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 14:21

Are you a Drupal 7 user who wants to migrate to Drupal 8.

You're not alone. "Can I rebuild my site in Drupal 8?" is a very common question in the Drupal community.

This tutorial will show you how to use the Upgrade Status module to see if you can rebuild your site in Drupal 8. 

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[REVIEW] Looking for bloggers to review WP plugins

Talk about plugins - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 14:21

Hi guys, I am looking for freelancers/bloggers who can review WP plugins. PM me for more info.

Looking forward to working with you all.

submitted by /u/416deftone
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OSTraining: Drupal 8 Responsive Colorbox Gallery with Caption Text

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 12:13

An OSTraining member asked how to make a gallery with Colorbox in Drupal 8.

For this tutorial, you will need the following modules, bootstrap subtheme and some understand of theming with CSS. 

I would always recommend you use Drush, Console or Composer to download your modules.

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Amazee Labs: Join us for Drupal Mountain Camp

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 10:00
Join us for Drupal Mountain Camp

Next week, the Drupal community from Switzerland and the world will gather in beautiful Davos for the first Drupal Mountain Camp. Together with a dedicated team, we are working hard on the last bits before the conference kicks off. Let me give you a brief overview, of what to expect.

Josef Dabernig Thu, 02/09/2017 - 11:00

The Davos Congress center, located right in the Alps, will host us for 4 days from Thursday, 16 to Sunday, 19 February 2017. From the Zurich airport, it’s a bit more than 2 hours by train, so make sure to use the coupon code for a 25% discount on the railway ticket. More details on the venue and travel options can be found on our website.

© Destination Davos Klosters

What to expect

We’ll kick off with workshops and sprints on Thursday. Join our First-time Sprinter Workshop and get started with contributing to Drupal. Our team of sprint mentors will ensure everyone will find a good way to become a successful contributor to Drupal 8 core. Also, initiative leads from Media, Paragraphs and Rules will be happy to collaborate with you.

Thursday afternoon, you can either continue to sprint or join one of the hands-on workshops:

Laura Gaetano (@alicetragedy), manager at Travis Foundation and the organiser of Rails Girls Summer of Code will open Friday's activities with a keynote: Making your voice heard: Open Source Needs You.

Saturday’s keynote will be presented by Preston So (@prestonso), Development Manager of Acquia Labs: API-first Drupal and the future of the CMS.

On Sunday, you can either continue to sprint or join us for some skiing and snowboarding on Jakobshorn. The other social activities include: ice skating, night sledging as well as an ice hockey match.

© Destination Davos Klosters

Jam-packed programme

The full schedule contains 30 sessions in 3 parallel tracks.

Let me highlight a few:

Responsive Images under control by Cristina Chumillas (@chumillas)

Apart from those tech-oriented sessions, we’re also excited to bring various show-cases such as: 

Source: Amazee Labs

Big thanks

This event wouldn’t be possible without the great help from our sponsors. A big thank you goes out to platform.sh, Somedia Production and Amazee (Gold), Acquia, unic, hostpoint, Previon plus, IWF Web Solutions, Liip, Gridonic, netnode, getunik AG, MD Systems, WONDROUS, Softescu (Silver) as well as others: Soul.media, JetBrainsm, amazee.io.

Get your ticket today!

So far, more than 110 people have registered. Don't miss out! Go, get your last minute ticket via the website. We are looking forward seeing you in Davos.

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Dries Buytaert: Sharing innovation with your competitors

News from Planet Drupal - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 09:55

Some of the largest brands in the world are emerging as leading sponsors and contributors of Drupal. Pfizer, for example, has been using Drupal to improve its internal content workflow processes. Not only is Pfizer a major user of Drupal, they are also making their Drupal improvements available for everyone's benefit, including their competitors. This kind of innovation and collaboration model is relatively unheard of and is less likely to happen with proprietary software.

Another great example is Boston.gov. Last year the City of Boston migrated Boston.gov to Drupal. Shortly after the launch of Boston.gov, they released Boston.gov's source code to the public domain. By open-sourcing their project, the city of Boston is challenging the prevailing model. Anyone can see the code that makes Boston.gov work, point out problems, suggest improvements, or use the code for their own city, town or organization.

The City of Boston isn't the only government agency that is changing their way of innovating and collaboration. In 2012, the White House released the code behind "We the People", the Drupal-based application that allows the American people to submit petitions directly to the President of the United States. By releasing the code that supports "We the People", any government in the world can take advantage of the project and implement it in their own community.

Next, the international media group Hubert Burda Media employs a team of six Drupal developers that build and maintain Thunder, a Drupal 8 distribution that can be used by any of the 164 brands that Burda supports. Last year, Burda open-sourced Thunder, allowing competitors to benefit from Burda's development, know-how and best practices. As part of their work on Thunder, Burda is an active contributor to Drupal 8's media initiative. Burda is also inviting its competitors to contribute to Thunder.

Some may wonder what is beneficial about sharing innovation with competitors. Today, technology is becoming more and more complex and the rate of change is accelerating. It is becoming increasingly difficult for any one organization to build an entire solution and do it well. By contributing back and by working together, these organizations can keep a competitive edge over those that don't use open source and collaborate. What looks strange to some, is actually perfectly logical to others. Those that contribute to open source are engaging in a virtuous cycle that benefits their own projects. It is a tide that raises all boats; a model that allows progress to accelerate due to wider exposure and public input. It's a story that is starting to play out in every industry -- from pharmaceutical companies, to media and publishing to government.

Challenge the prevailing model

As I wrote in my 2016 Acquia retrospective, I believe that the use of open source software has finally crossed the chasm -- most organizations don't think twice about using open source software. The next step is to encourage more organizations to not just use open source, but to contribute to it. Open source offers a completely different way of working, and fosters an innovation model that is not possible with proprietary solutions. Pfizer, Boston.gov, the White House and Burda are remarkable examples of how organizations benefit from not only using but contributing to open source.

In order to help people understand the power of this model we have to change the lens through which organizations see the world. It's hard to disrupt the status quo, but fortunately we now have powerful examples that highlight how great organizations are using open source to change their operating model.

If you want to help challenge the prevailing model at your own organization, here are the basic steps that your organization can implement today:

  1. Embrace open source in your organization and make it successful.
  2. Assess whether any of your customizations are truly custom or if they can be used by others.
  3. Contribute back your customizations to the open source project, advance it in the open and encourage others to contribute.
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Web designer with eye for detail (modify existing design) - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 09:48

Looking for a web designer to modify and improve an existing design. The existing design has been made with the required overall layout and content however the designer lacks the attention to finer detail (ie. padding, fonts, colors etc).

The new designer will need to modify existing scss to improve this.

1 homepage
6~ sub page templates (all very similar in style and layout)

Built with WordPress and bootstrap 4, you must be proficient with scss, NPM and gulp etc.

If you don't know how to use bootstrap properly please don't apply.
If you are also a react.js, vue.js or angular.js and PHP developer this is a plus as we have future work.

Posted On: February 09, 2017 11:40 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Skills: Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, Graphic Design, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Country: Australia
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