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Health website - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Tue, 03/28/2017 - 05:42
I am seeking for someone to create an amazing health source site which will have an online "academy" for publishing videos and content where a member can login and access.  Sort of like an online mini university of health subjects and solutions.  

The project may be targeted in spanish and english, thus bilinguals are a big plus!

The site must be responsive and mobile friendly, published in wordpress.

Posted On: March 28, 2017 13:41 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Country: United States
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Need an SEO expert to Advise and Action traffic increasing methods inc Adwords - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Tue, 03/28/2017 - 05:35
We are looking for a white hat SEO genius to help us to boost traffic to our suite of websites.

If you are:
Keen to help us build a long term SEO strategy
Experienced in WordPress
Have done similar work in the past
Be contactable via skype etc

You will need to be able to:
1 - Provide an SEO audit/analysis of a website
2 - Provide an analysis of a competitors website
3 - Provide a plan on how to improve a websites
   - lead generation
   - content / keyword plan
   - build backlinks etc

Then we want to hear from you.

If you are the right person, then get in contact and put the word "camera" in the heading, or else we will delete your message as spam :)

Posted On: March 28, 2017 13:41 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Skills: Google AdWords, Link Building, On-Page Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Audit, SEO Backlinking, SEO Keyword Research, WordPress
Country: Australia
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Kalamuna Blog: Converting Drupal 7 Media Tags During a Drupal 8 Migration

News from Planet Drupal - Tue, 03/28/2017 - 03:37
Converting Drupal 7 Media Tags During a Drupal 8 Migration John Ouellet Mon, 03/27/2017 - 20:37

As developers of all skill levels begin to migrate from old versions of Drupal to Drupal 8, it is always good to have references for some of the more arduous tasks out there.  Many of our clients for whom we built Drupal 7 sites used the media module and the awesomeness that it gave to their sites. Now, as I migrate some of these same sites to Drupal 8, I hit a bump in the road. The Drupal 7 Media tag can’t be rendered in the Drupal 8 site I am migrating to. This is because that functionality is not present in the Drupal 8 site.

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MidCamp - Midwest Drupal Camp: Two days before before MidCamp

News from Planet Drupal - Tue, 03/28/2017 - 03:19

Two days before before MidCamp, when all round the rug, not a creature was stirring, not even a bug.

Though the house was so empty, and missing it's stir, our Volunteer coordinator was out saying burrr (don't leave me out in the cold). Our Sprint lead was looking for sprinters to sprint, and our Trainers were looking for trainees to imprint!

MidCamp 2017 has 45 sessions for you to attend on Friday and Saturday, 4 Full day trainings on Thursday, and 4 Free half day trainings for you to invite anyone new to Drupal to attend.

In addition, we have socials for you to attend on Friday and Saturday, and a Sunday contrib Sprint to give back to Drupal.

It's spring in Chicago, and we hope you can join us!

Get your tickets today!

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Platform.sh: More flexible elastic now available

News from Planet Drupal - Tue, 03/28/2017 - 01:00

Elasticsearch is one of the most popular Free Software search engines available. It’s fast, flexible, and easy to work with.

It’s also now fully up to date on Platform.sh.

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Wordpress Tech Fix - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Tue, 03/28/2017 - 00:54
I am having issues with my wordpress site and need to get it fixed ASAP


Posted On: March 28, 2017 04:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: CSS, WordPress
Country: United States
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Wordpress developer and front end designer needed for blog homepage and blog template page overhauls (with room for future work) - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Tue, 03/28/2017 - 00:01
Our website (runs on Wordpress) needs a list of tweaks and fixes. We recently had a content marketing audit, which will point the way to all these fixes. I will send that along to whoever ones this project.

The fixes are detailed here:

- Implement new blog homepage (living here currently: http://cmxhub.com/browse/ but should be moved to http://cmxhub.com/articles/). We have the wireframe and design ready to go (attached) and should match the new design of our homepage (provided once contract begins).
- Make the sidebar on individual blog posts throughout the theme match the sidebar in the above wireframe ^^
- Make the ‘Top posts & pages’ widget sticky and add ‘related’ article widget to encourage users to stay (part of the blog and blog post template overhaul above)
- Add dates on top of blog posts
- In some cases (eg http://cmxhub.com/the-cmx-community-strategy-canvas/) the ‘Read more articles’ section is not displaying anything - this needs to be fixed
- Adding /article/ in the article URL for all blog posts to tidy site architecture
- Add Facebook comments widget into all blog posts at the end (that we can turn on and off within individual blog posts)
- Remove the current social sharing icons and adding Sumo’s social sharing widget into blog posts. This is optimized for all screen sizes and makes content far more easy and accessible to share.
- Put up privacy page (we will provide copy) on the footer. It should then be visible on every page throughout the theme.

Posted On: March 28, 2017 04:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Country: United States
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Front-End Web Developer - Annex Consulting Group - Vancouver, BC

Drupal Jobs from Indeed - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 23:20
Front-End Web Developer. Experience with content management systems particularly Drupal. The Web Developer Consultant will be the primary development resource...
From Annex Consulting Group - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 23:20:29 GMT - View all Vancouver jobs
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Wordpress Design - Customize Our Template - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 22:52
We are looking for a Wordpress designer that can take an installed template and customize all pages with a logo, content, images, etc. Familiarity with plugins, widgets and other installed components a must. Also, this site will be using English so fluency is required.

Posted On: March 28, 2017 04:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Skills: Web Design, WordPress
Country: United States
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OSTraining: Entity Reference Views Helping Drupal 8 Content Creators

News from Planet Drupal - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 22:14

Entity Reference Views are one way you can make life easier for Drupal content creators.

Normally, when people create content on your site, each field consists of a single box with a single data point. For example, in a list of people, you might get only the person's name. 

Entity Reference Views allows you to provide far more information. For example, you can add photos and personal details to your list of people.

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Senior Java Developer - Samsung - Vancouver, BC

Drupal Jobs from Indeed - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 21:39
Work with Talented Developers . Product Owners need input from developers on best practices, scalability, and how common components can fit together....
From Samsung - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 21:39:27 GMT - View all Vancouver jobs
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Senior Java Developer - Samsung - Vancouver, BC

NodeJS jobs - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 21:39
Bonus Skills Using NoSQL databases such as MongoDB Experience with RabbitMQ Familiarity with HTML, JavaScript, CSS Experience with Drupal or PHP Experience with...
From Samsung - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 21:39:27 GMT - View all Vancouver jobs
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Newsletter Expert - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 20:45
We need someone to help us create a series of newsletters for a legal firm. We're using MailChimp as our platform, which will be integrated with WordPress, WooForms, etc...

We're specifically looking for the following abilities (related specifically to newsletters, not any other form of content):
1. Content create
2. Copywriting
3. Design (suggestions for design, formatting, etc...)
4. Conversion optimization

Once again, these skills should be specifically related to newsletters.

Posted On: March 28, 2017 04:11 UTC
Category: Writing > Other - Writing
Skills: Newsletter Writing
Country: United States
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[HELP] Mailchimp plugin text colour change

Talk about plugins - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 20:36

I could really use some help changing the colour for the mail chimp Wordpress plugin confirmation message. The code is:

if($retval['status'] == 'subscribed') { $esc = _("Success, you've been signed up.", 'mailchimp_i18n'); $msg = "<strong class='mc_success_msg'>{$esc}</strong>"; } else { $esc = _("Success, you've been signed up! Please look for our confirmation email.", 'mailchimp_i18n'); $msg = "<strong class='mc_success_msg'>{$esc}</strong>"; }

It shows up green and I can't find any reference elsewhere in the code to this colour. Is there a simple way to change it? (I want it to be white).

Thanks (and apologies for my inability to code :P)!

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Copywriter with marketing focus - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 19:44

I'm looking for an extra lovely copywriter specializing in marketing,  to join our team working on landing pages, blog posts,  book manuscripts and business blueprints. I'm only looking for people with English as a 1st language and a firm grip on American culture and idiom.

Can you help? I'm looking for someone who is really great at this one thing.

It would be a bonus if you happen to have further skills like -
- online skills / wordpress
- social media / press releases
- a knowledge of SEO / structure
... but mainly, it's the editing!

Oh - and I like to actually talk with people - usually via video Skype. So that's important, too.

Finally - it's worth noting we're in the business / awakening / consciousness / technology / content space. So hopefully you are, too!

Posted On: March 28, 2017 04:11 UTC
Category: Writing > Copywriting
Country: United States
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Vardot: The evolution of Drupal: Drop 1.0 to Drupal 8

News from Planet Drupal - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 19:16
Case Studies Read time: 6 minutes

After fifteen years of going from strength to strength, it’s a great time to look back on the Drupal that was and how it became a powerhouse of the open source content management world.

Way back in May 2000 the Drupal GitHub repository was started. In December 2000 Drupal 1.0 was named and since then it has taken over 33,000 commits to build Drupal as we know it today. Thanks to a dedicated community backing and flexible technology, Drupal is now a stable modular platform that is used by over 1.18 million websites. Did you ever think how Drupal got so big? We’re going to take you through this journey right now.

Why Drupal is the Best CMS for Your Website


Drupal 1 (Drop)

Drupal 1.0 contained a mere 18 core modules, each driven by a php file. The system relied heavily on SQL to manage and modify content, themes, layout and more. Pre-loaded themes gave web developers a jumping off point, and Drupal allowed developers to hook into existing code and tweak colours, layouts and functionality to their liking. The original system came with some nice basics like a search function, comment fields and a diary/blog functionality.


Drupal 2

Drupal 2.0 was released shortly after and come packed with translation features. Developers could now build or translate their sites by altering the database, a feature which opened up Drupal to a global community. 2.0 also brought in improvements to user ratings, stories and a whole host of additional fine tuning to the user access groups, allowing greater control over site development and stakeholder interactions.


Drupal 3

Drupal 3.0 saw the introduction of the concept of ‘nodes’, taking over the common idea of web pages. Nodes increase flexible for creating and displaying content. All kinds of content, whether a web page, blog article or news item were managed by the node module. Comments and actions were attached directly to the node which increased flexibility in site building and later changes. The use of nodes instead of pages has become commonplace in mobile development, ten years after Drupal embraced the concept.


Drupal 4

At this stage, six months had passed, and Drupal had grown to 26 core modules. In June 2002 Drupal 4.0 was released. Almost 100 major sites were built with Drupal, and a wide community of developers were contributing to the project across Europe and the United States.

Drupal 4.0 introduced the Taxonomy module, taking over from the meta module and giving site builders an entire new toolset for categorising, sorting and marketing their content. With a friendly user interface and a strong community of contributors Drupal 4.0 had moved away from its humble origins and taken a place as an enterprise quality Content Management System.

At this stage Drupal moved to a slower release schedule, with Drupal 4.1 not being released until February 2003, eight months later. Drupal 4 lasted until January 2007, with seven minor releases over four years.

Drupal 4’s minor releases saw a massive expansion of capability, including its first e-commerce module in 4.4. It also introduced its first WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, opening doors for web-writers without a coding background, and offered much more flexible theming options. Drupal saw a massive surge in usage when presidential candidate Howard Dean launched a multitude of interlinked campaign sites using Drupal.


Drupal 5

In 2007 Drupal took another huge step forward and released Drupal 5.0. At this stage there were over 492 contributors and a massive 1173 patches. While Drupal 5.0 only had 29 core modules, more than 2500 contributed modules were available for site builders to inject into their sites. Drupal 5.0 was the first version to feature jQuery, a JavaScript library that greatly increases a web developers’ capabilities while cutting down on development time and stress.

Drupal 5.0 also came neatly packaged in a web based installer saving users from manual database manipulation and allowing the creating of custom packages pre-filled with contributed modules and themes. The backend was tidied up with a whole new file structure, and css files were automatically compiled and compressed, greatly reducing site loading times. Site builders were given the ability to control caching and create custom content types leading to greater performance and customisation.


Drupal 6

Drupal 6.0 was released in February 2008 and supported until just last year. At the time that support ended there was an estimated 120,000+ websites still using Drupal 6.0. With 34 core modules, over 7000 contributed modules and 600 custom themes the modular genius of Drupal was undeniable. This new release contained a completely new menu structure that had been written from the ground up, and a friendlier installation process. The community also increased security, brought in more user friendly elements to the User Interface (such as drag and drop administration) and upgraded the language support to handle right-to-left languages.

Drupal 6.0 remained for three years. During this time it was used to host Whitehouse.gov, one of the largest profile websites at the time. Whitehouse.gov is still using Drupal to this day, although they have updated to Drupal 7.0


Drupal 7

In 2011 Drupal 7.0 was released and by this stage it is being used by web developers from all walks of life. Small business owners, large corporations, bloggers and government agencies are all using Drupal for its flexibility and ease of use. At this stage there are over 11,000 contributed modules and 200 distributions available, though Drupal Core is kept slim with just over 40 core modules.

Drupal 7.0 saw even greater flexibility with interaction between nodes and modules, allowing any module to call, alter and display any node. Every item in Drupal 7.0 became an individual entity capable of being manipulated and displayed to the user to create a vast flexible website.


Drupal 8

Drupal 8.0 was officially released on the 19th of November 2015. It has since been running on a six-month update cycle, meaning we already have access to Drupal 8.3. It comes bundled with over 60 core modules, and one of the most popular contributed modules ‘Views’ is now part of that core module set. Drupal 8.0 users over 60 database tables, but includes smarter tech like BigPipe to keep site load times to a minimum.

7 Reasons Why Now is The Right Time to Move to Drupal 8


Bottom line

Drupal has been running ahead of the curve since the beginning, and with a strong community backing it won’t be stopping any time soon. Drupal’s evolution has always emphasised ease of use, quick site adjustments and a brilliant modular design that means no two Drupal sites are alike. It’s been a long ride to get here, but you can be sure that Drupal will be leading the way for years to come.

Bonus: What Drupal means to us - the community speaks about its favorite CMS

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Website redesigner for performance marketing firm - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 18:48
We're looking for a skilled designer / UI developer to redesign our website. Our content is already in place---we just need a cleaner, less bulky framework to highlight our company and services. We're a performance marketing firm with the ability to do this work ourselves but we just don't have the time. The selected candidate will get all the oversight/input required to do the job.

We have a theme in mind already so this is more about customization and adapting as necessary. Expect somewhere between 8-10 landing pages.

You: experienced, efficient, mobile-centric, flexible designer who can understand our needs and create customized results based on our pre-selected theme.

Project Overview:
• Use a Material Design theme to re-construct current WordPress company website, including product pages and blog
• Maintain current CSS as accurately as possible in new theme
• Use currently installed plugins in new theme
• Ensure full WordPress plugin functionality is maintained through construction of site
• Database backup, Zephyr theme files to be provided for local development
• Deadline: April 30, 2017

• Expert WordPress theme developer
• Expert coding skills: HTML, CSS, .php, etc.
• Attention to SEO details – metatag structure, page title structure, etc.
• English-language speaker

Please Provide
• Portfolio of WordPress themes developed
• Provide hard budget - milestone-driven
• Deliverable will be .zip file of theme
• ***Reset passwords after delivery of database backup file to developer***

Thanks for your interest.

Posted On: March 28, 2017 04:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Skills: CSS, Graphic Design, HTML, HTML5, PHP, Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Country: United States
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WooCommerce Compatible Plugin for Referrals - Send Emails, Generate Link [REQUEST]

Talk about plugins - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 18:10

My company is looking for a referral plugin that will do the following:

  • Send the customer an email after purchase of a specific product, OR after a purchase over a specific amount (either will work for our purposes)

  • Give them a link back to our store that can be shared with others, giving them a defined discount (X% off, or $X off their purchase). If possible, we would like that email to include social share links to make it as easy as possible for the customer to share their referral link - you know the ones, that open the social platform and auto generate a post message.

  • Gives the customer a discount/reward when their referral link is used to make a purchase. Whether that's a free product under $X each time their referral link is used, or $X off up to $XX each time their link is used.

My boss received an email that does pretty much exactly what we'd like to do: http://imgur.com/a/tBuTa

A free plugin would be ideal, of course. But paid/premium options are welcome!

submitted by /u/crossbeats
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Web Developer - Quartech Systems Ltd. - Vancouver, BC

Drupal Jobs from Indeed - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 17:49
Experience with content management systems particularly Drupal, software development lifecycle, software quality assurance practices....
From T-Net BC - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 17:49:08 GMT - View all Vancouver jobs
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Seeking dependable Wordpress GENIUS for long term maintenance and updates - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 16:34
Hello! We are needing a top notch wordpress developer with an aesthetic eye for quality.  We will be adding a forum to our website, propelio.com, as well as a page for posting and viewing videos.

I am looking for someone that produces quality work in a reasonable time frame. Pages will need to be mobile responsive, incorporate parallax scrolling, and just overall look like the best. We have a designer on staff to assist in creative design, but implementation would be your responsibility. We will be making continuous changes to the website, and need a long term relationship for someone we can count on as time moves by.

Please see initial spec for the forums/video:

Minimum Viable Product
• View videos from social media and link back to Propelio.com/academy
• Browse Propelio.com/academy for video content
• View video content from a desktop or mobile application
• Share video content via social media to gain viewing access to specified videos
• Register their account to a forum
• Post replies and be notified of responses to forum posts
• Registered email be synced with a follow up campaign

Year One Progress:
• Pay for video content to gain access to view specified content
• Single user sign on from app.propelio.com and propelio.com/academy
• View video for free if a paid Propelio subscription is active
• Structured hierarchy of content that provides an educational flow of content
• Download managed content attached to specific videos


Posted On: March 27, 2017 18:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Skills: WordPress
Country: United States
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