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ActiveCampaign Project: New Set Up, Migration from Mailchimp - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 20:43

I have a project I need to complete by the end of August which is a clean set up of ActiveCampaign for a client.  This project consists of the following tasks:

- Ensure all website forms are AC integrated
- Ensure all subscribers end up on the newsletter - Do via this automation and others, contacts won't be added twice
- Install AC plugin on Wordpress Site
- Add Abandon Automations from AC
- Check Mailchimp for existing template
- Replicate Template in AC Automations
- Set up to just show them the product they were looking at
- Customise Emails (text will be provided)
- Emails sent via contact form should get an end automated response that we will respond with 48 hours, have FAQ's attached
- Figure out how to trigger it when someone emails this address
- Set up email to be sent to contact
- Add the contact to the pipeline/tag them
- Tag users who are Current orders within the last 60 days
- Tag users who are Past clients we wish to engage to resell
- Create Thanks for ordering email and follow up sequence (content provided)
- Set up email for second orderers - give them discount code
- Connect AC with clients Email Service so emails can be handled within AC
- Add logic to ask if they purchased after client gets response from enquiry
- If no purchase follow up after 2 days, If no purchase after another 2 days automated email with $20 off order voucher
- Lead Magnet Delivery Sequence
- Set up automation to automatically email list once a new blog post is published
- Figure out how to track number of orders in AC from cart system
- Set up automation to send voucher on order 3
- Set up automation to send voucher on birthday
- Set up SMS in AC to notify clients of deadlines
- Integrate Paypal, Stripe into website (can be taken care of by another contractor)

Though this list looks a little chaotic, we have these tasks broken down into "chunks" e.g. specific mini projects within the project, we also have deadlines for each of these mini projects but they are flexible based on speed of work etc.

I can do all of this work myself so I can provide guidance on how we might set things up, but I'm also very happy to allow the contractor to determine the best way and run with it.

I need someone who has set up ALL of this in AC before, I want to have an initial call, then let you do your work and then I'll review it and we can refine.  I don't expect perfection, I do expect you to try to do the best you can and to solve problems.

This isn't a position for a VA who dabbles in AC, I need someone experienced in this system.  

Immediate start, please apply if you have capacity and desire to take on this project.  I run an agency that has multiple clients with AC so this can become a longer term project as I am looking to take on a team member for this purpose.

Thank you

Posted On: August 20, 2017 04:11 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > Email & Marketing Automation
Skills: ActiveCampaign, Paypal Integration, Stripe, WordPress, Zapier
Country: United Kingdom
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Duplicate total webshop but with new design. - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 16:48
We are looking for some one he is able to duplicate one webshop what we found on the web. We want to redesign the whole webshop to 2017. The product pictures has to be used but the watermark has to be removed and the old mirror reflex has to be removed to. The content can be copy paste. Only the logo has to be changed.

If this project is well done, we are able to hire you for more word such as content websites for our SEO network.

Posted On: August 19, 2017 18:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Ecommerce Development
Skills: CSS, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL Administration, PHP, Web Design, Website Development, Woocommerce, WordPress
Country: Netherlands
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Categories: WordPress Maintenance

Slider Revolution Expert to Design 3-Slide Slider - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 15:12
I'm looking for an amazing slider designer with a track record of designing mobile-friendly "Slider Revolution" sliders to build a mobile-friendly Slider Revolution slider for me consisting of three (3) slides. This Slider Revolution slider will be used on a WordPress website.

I will provide the images and content for the slides. I'm looking for pretty minimal slides. The slider MUST be mobile friendly and look great on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Posted On: August 19, 2017 18:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Skills: Slider Revolution, WordPress
Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.
Country: United States
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Categories: WordPress Maintenance

Migrate WordPress website content - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Fri, 08/18/2017 - 21:55
Hi there. I need a web developer who can help us take all of the content from an e-commerce WordPress website and migrate it to another WordPress website. I would prefer to do a Fixed Price contract, so please let me know what your quote is.

Posted On: August 19, 2017 07:42 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Country: United States
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Software Developer - Allocadia - Vancouver, BC

NodeJS jobs - Fri, 08/18/2017 - 21:16
We are a growing software company with a relatively new codebase using some exciting modern technologies like Angular, TypeScript, Less/SaaS, NodeJS, Java 8 and...
From Allocadia - Fri, 18 Aug 2017 21:16:24 GMT - View all Vancouver, BC jobs
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DrupalEasy: DrupalEasy Podcast 196 - Ryan's Ace(?) in the Hole - Paragraphs Module

News from Planet Drupal - Fri, 08/18/2017 - 19:25

Direct .mp3 file download.

Ryan Price and Mike Anello discuss the pros and cons of the Paragraphs module, including using it for layout and/or information architecture. Ryan takes the discussion in unexpected directions by bringing up Pattern Lab as a prototyping tool and his mysterious "Ace in the Hole" (which Mike feels is more like a Jack of spades). In addition, there's some discussion about a new-ish feature in the Migrate Plus module that is sure to make migration developers happy.

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Marketing Automation Set Up - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Fri, 08/18/2017 - 17:20
Marketing Automation Set Up.

Posted On: August 18, 2017 20:11 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > Email & Marketing Automation
Skills: B2B Marketing, ClickFunnels, Constant Contact, Content Writing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Landing Pages, LeadPages, Market Research, Marketing Automation, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Social Media Management, Website Development, Woocommerce, WordPress
Country: United States
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Mediacurrent: TypeScript and Drupal.behaviors

News from Planet Drupal - Fri, 08/18/2017 - 15:05

Back in June some of our crew attended Dinosaur JS conference in Denver, CO.

There were talks ranging from V8’s JS optimization (even had some assembly language slides in there) to demonstrating the creation of an homage to an abstract artist with JavaScript code.

This all got me thinking about TypeScript, Closure compiler, etc... and JS performance and development in general. But I have to admit, I was struggling to see how these technologies could benefit us in Drupal since most of our JS is done in Drupal.behaviors.

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[Urgent] Writer needed who can help me with the copy for the PR of our redesigned blog - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Fri, 08/18/2017 - 13:18
Wednesday Aug 23 we are going live with the new design of our blog WPlift.com.

This design took a long time - now everything is ready to go live.

When we go live with our new design, I would like to make some noise around the redesign of our website.

That means that I'm looking for someone that can help me on Monday & Tuesday writing:

- blog post where we tell about the redesign and all the choices that we've made / background / history / what's coming
Probably somewhere around 500-1000 words

- an email that I can use so that I can mail all my contacts that I have in the WordPress community that let them know that we have changed our design
Probably somewhere around 150-300 words

- social media posts (twitter / facebook)
Several posts so that we can post those next week (1 for facebook, multiple for twitter)

- Content for our newsletter
http://mailchi.mp/wplift/week33 -> that's this week's edition. I'm looking for your help for the top content.

To know our tone of voice - I recommend you read a couple of our recent blogs and news posts: wplift.com.

If you are known in the WordPress world - that's a big plus. By that, I mean if you are not only known with the software, but also known with all important WordPress authors/blogs that there are.

If you are also available to help me with the outreach - that would be a plus as well.

Posted On: August 18, 2017 20:11 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > Public Relations
Skills: Writing
Country: Netherlands
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Anubavam LLC: Building web services with Drupal 7

News from Planet Drupal - Fri, 08/18/2017 - 12:52
Building web services with Drupal 7

A web service is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. Web services is a well-defined way for two computers to communicate with each other over the internet. 

Drupal web services is always a good option for you

In Drupal, web service is being used to communicate with other web applications or mobile applications. Content can be shared and easily integrated with other applications as well. 

Why use web services in Drupal?

Web services are useful because they present us with an architecture where a resource on a site (an image, textual content, such as a node ID or block ID, a video or audio file) is given a unique identifier. 

Use cases 

For example, in Drupal, every node has an ID. Every file you upload to a Drupal site also has a unique path to it.

This is extremely useful since all applications share this common semantic standard. We name things similarly on all of our web applications. 

Drupal services and real world examples

Here are some examples, perhaps we have to build a product site and they are developing a app for that product site in mobile, then we can pass data from web to mobile app using the web service.  For example if the HR Department wants to integrate its job postings and applications with another web application such as job portals, web services can make this happen.

Advantages of Drupal web development services you can’t ignore

This leads to another advantage of using web services with Drupal and why we would choose to use Drupal in the first place. Instead of having to upload our photos twice—once to our Drupal site and then repeating the procedure to our some other applications, services allows us to upload the images to our Drupal site once and then automatically send that data over to other application which wants without having to upload one (or even a batch of images) again. It saves us time and speeds up the entire process of generating web-based content.

Building web services for Drupal 7

Drupal can use web services following any of the protocols mentioned earlier, including XML-RPC, REST, and SOAP. Drupal can consume web services by requesting data from other web applications using RSS and XML-formatted requests. As a Drupal developer, you can write your own service code in Drupal using PHP. You can also use the Services module as well as other service-specific contributed modules to create these web service requests.

Service module supports multiple interfaces like REST, XMLRPC, JSON, JSON-RPC, SOAP, AMF and more.

Make use of Drupal Services module for:

  • Integration with core Drupal functionality like files, nodes, taxonomy, users, files and more.
  • Response format API allows you to define response Formats for CONTENT-TYPE ie. application/json or application/xml. (also calls such as ENDPOINT/node/1.json work)

Additionally, all the communication between services, in our example between a client and a server, happens over HTTP (the standard web protocol). This is a uniform protocol that is used for transport and communication of the service. All transports take place uniformly using GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests, for example.

The HTTP requests are stand alone and occurs at one given moment and is isolated from all other activated requests. If HTTP requests works and gets a response, it succeeds. If HTTP requests doesn’t get response from the server or application it's communicating with, it fails. The requests can be repeated an infinite number of times.

admin Fri, 08/18/2017 - 08:52 Drupal Drupal Development Drupal developer Drupal Application Development
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Webdesign - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Fri, 08/18/2017 - 10:19
I need someone who is experienced in webdesign to setup my website. I have issues in doing the technical stuff on the backoffice. I search someone who can do this with me, so that the website is userfriendly and the technical things like website pixel, sidebar optin, popup pages and all this stuff is working.

I've already done the webhosting, the website is in german, but it is not absolutely necessary for you to understand. I will show you what to do.
I work with thrive themes, with the focus theme. Plugins are already installed.

1. The first priority will be to setup the raw form and design of the website without any content
2. Then we will fill in the content, adjust the design, make all links, pixel, HTML codes etc.

I already prepared the first tasks and give you all login datas that you need, so that we can start as soon as possible.

When you accept the job, I expect that you are starting today or at least tomorrow.
I want you to be effective for the beginning, so that the page can go online asap and then we can adjust the less important details.

For a next web project, I will prefer you.

Alexander Koch

Posted On: August 18, 2017 20:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Skills: Wordpress Thrive Themes
Country: Luxembourg
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Drupal Developer - The CREATECH Group - Burnaby, BC

Drupal Jobs from Indeed - Fri, 08/18/2017 - 09:00
Experience with content management systems, including open-source systems, and the Drupal CMS in particular. We have an urgent requirement for our client.Please...
From Indeed - Fri, 18 Aug 2017 09:00:16 GMT - View all Burnaby, BC jobs
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Chapter Three: How to Fix HTML Content Issues During Migration in Drupal 8

News from Planet Drupal - Fri, 08/18/2017 - 00:20

In this post I will show you a technique to fix HTML issues, import images or perform content operations during migrations.

We have to fix source content before most content migrations. This can be challenging if there are many entries in the source database. The powerful Drupal 8 Migration API provides elegant ways to solve this type of problem.

To solve HTML issues, I always create my own process plugin. Here is an example how you would call your own process plugin to fix HTML issues in the body field:

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Websites (4) Speed Optimization including migrating to new hosting - Upwork

WordPress Work From UpWork - Thu, 08/17/2017 - 23:26
We have 4 main current websites (3 of which are based on the same theme).

Currently all are hosted with Hostgator in separate pro plans (each with private SSL & IP).

Websites are wordpress.

We are based in Sydney.

Our websites are very slow which we want to rectify.  3 of the websites which are on that based on the same theme have: Mobile: 36/100 & Desktop 37/100 google page speed test.   The 4th website website is 81/100.

The job is to review each website, improve efficiency and load speed, including but not limited to:
• Remove unnecessary plugins
• Optimise ALL images to maximise load speed
• Minimize HTTP Requests. ...
• Reduce server response time. ...
• Enable compression. ...
• Enable browser caching. ...
• Minify Resources. ...
• Optimize images. ...
• Optimize CSS Delivery. ...
• Prioritize above-the-fold content.
• Select a new host

Once the above is complete you will select an appropriate web hosting service or cloud server provider such as AWS, Vultr.com, etc to migrate our websites to ensure maximum load speed within Australia.

Our websites must each have a dedicated IP and SSL certificates.

You will handle professionally project manage the migration of the 4 live websites, beginning to end to ensure there is no interruptions.  and to set up the hosting environment for the new website to be developed.

The final quote will be a fixed price based on your per hour rate x maximum time to complete the task.

Posted On: August 18, 2017 01:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: CSS3, Google Website Optimizer, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL Administration, PHP, Website Development, WordPress
Country: Australia
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